Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Trendy Tarzan Top

Here is my brand new blouse! When I saw this pattern in burda I didn't think I would make it one day but it turned out perfect with my leopard printed chiffon that has been waiting for a while to be turned in to something wearable!!!!

This blouse is very easy and looks really good... Although I have to say that my husband thought I look like Tarzan in it! I really like it so I don't mind the Tarzan look! Will call it "Trendy Tarzan Top"!

I just loved working with this pattern! It was so easy it even made working with chiffon a pleasure! The pattern also has an invisible zipper, I realised I wouldn't need one after I finished sewing the zipper so not sure if I will ever need it but I might just use it to make myself feel better!

I also added  my brand new label to it!  The picture isn't all that great... Sorry about that, it was the best I could do! I had the labels on order for ages and was so very excited to finally get them in the mail! It was a bit fiddly to stitch it on, considering the chiffon and the ruffles but I think its not bad for a first timer... 

And here are a couple of photos from Burda Magazine 6/2010 Style 120... You see how you can get so many different looks with this pattern by simply trying different fabrics and they will all look great!

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