Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A comfy dress for my little girl

This summery dress is perfect for a play day for little girls!!! Its too cute to call it a night gown! Well, I will leave that to my daughter to decide for herself!

 The pattern is from Burda Magazine 6/2011 Style 132. I have made it out of stretch knit fabric and therefore had to change the way I did the hem and the edge of the ruffle... The original pattern was for a top, I made it a bit longer.

And I just love the back! I skipped the buttons at the end of the straps. Since I made mine in a knit fabric, the buttonholes would just become loose overtime and wouldn't hold together well.... The elastic back allows for plenty of stretch, so no need for buttons...


  1. This is so pretty, almost too pretty to just wear to bed... I would want her to wear it everyday too! I love that fabric