Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A special quilt for my little girl!

I have been thinking about making a quilt for my daughter, have thought about the design, fabric, patterns, etc for a long time now...
Finally I decided on making an applique quilt with cotton batting and adding an opening at the back to make it a quilt cover as well... That way it can be used in any weather really! Its just a matter of with or without the quilt insert...

It took me over 6 months work to finally finish this quilt... It would have finished much earlier if I could only work on it instead of all the washing, cooking and nappy changes I had to do... But any way its done now and thats what matters most! BTW there will be a surprise at the end! hold your breath!

I decided to go with the red and yellow combination to match her room colours... and since I was going to have applique animals on the quilt for her, I thought I might go with the plain fabrics and considering prices I went for the ordinary cotton fabric(non quilting ones). I pre washed the fabrics separately... then I realised I better prewash my cotton batting as well... And that was an interesting experience on its own!!! (with the cold weather it took AGES to dry and my husband had the honer on turning it from side to side a few times a day!).

Here are some photos, all the designs have been done using an embroidery machine:

 The giraffe has a special fringe mane and tail.

 Here is a full view:

The back of the quilt- lower edge:

Not bad ha?! I was pretty happy with the result! Now here is the surprise! It looked great until I washed it!!!! When I opened the washing machine, all I could see was pink! pink! pink!YEP!!!! The red fabric was not colour fast!!!! why do they even make non colour fast fabrics????!!! I have used many non quilting red fabrics before and they were fine but this one just spoilt it all :( My daughter found it funny when it turned pink and red.... I was not feeling good that night! Still not over all the hours I spent on it! 

It has lost the crisp white look... Can you see the annoying shade of pink in this photo? Since I can't do much about it, I'm just going to have to live with it! I know it could have been worse, at least I can still use it...

The appliqué designs on the curtains are done using a sewing machine but the ones on the quilt are done with an embroidery machine. I made the curtains years ago when I only had a sewing machine, otherwise I would have done it the same way as the quilt.
I have used the same fabric combination I had for the curtains with different designs just so that its new and fun for the kids. Here are a few other photos of the room. 



  1. I love this quilt - How come I don't see the new one you made for Ali?